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Echizen Intellectual Property Office is a patent firm which was opened on November 1, 2005.

As the name suggests, our practice areas include not only filing patent applications, but also assistance for general IP activities in companies, aiming to gain customer's trust as partner for effective use of intellectual property as management resources.

The topic of "Intellectual Property" is often seen in the newspapers in recent years, and "Outline of the National Intellectual Property Strategy" was adopted by the Japanese government in 2002. Although the importance of intellectual property is promoted, the truth is that, in reality, many companies might have trouble with developing human resources who handle intellectual property matters, or might experience a bitter feeling about the offensive actions related to intellectual property taken by big companies with abundant capital and human resources.

Hoping for a society in which the people who invented new technologies first are properly protected regardless of the scale of business and the people who are trying to provide better products or services to the world don't have disadvantages in terms of intellectual property, we will help to transform corporate activities into intellectual activities. We assist in intellectual property activities as a patent law firm going through application procedure, as a liaison who connect technical and IP department, or as a staff in IP department.

In 2009, the world is suffering from major recession. Budget for R&D and patent application has been cut in many companies. However, precisely because we are facing this tough time, we recommend that you reinforce intellectual property activities. In order to grow rapidly after getting out of this major recession, you need to plant seeds for future business. A first step for V-shaped recovery is to take the necessary actions ahead of other companies. Now is the time to encourage drastic technological development.

"Think IP for the Future"

You can trust us as a partner for building of a bright and prosperous future.

April, 2009
Masahiro Echizen, Patent Attorney

Masahiro Echizen, President (Picture)

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