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Our Policy

We respond to your request from corporate point of view.

Echizen worked in the IP Department of a corporation for more than 10 years, and has experienced various activities regarding intellectual property, such as filing, patent search, patent workshop, expert opinion, trial, liaison business, contract, and patent management system. Therefore we can provide the service from corporate point of view, which differentiates us from patent attorneys without industry experiences.

We aim at establishment of "valuable rights for corporate activities".

We clarify the role of intellectual property in the corporate activities and provide the best suggestions without sticking only to the establishment of strong and broad rights.

We clarify differences between "technology" and "technological concept".

"Invention" is defined as "creativity in technological concepts which use natural laws and rules" by Japanese Patent Law. Therefore, "technology" developed by engineers needs to be translated into "technological concept". We respond to your request keeping in mind this basic idea.

We value human relationships.

Intellectual property is created by people, who cannot be ignored when addressing intellectual property. We believe that good intellectual property can be built on the good human relationship. And we will cooperate with lawyers who are good at litigation patent attorneys with high degree of professionalism.

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